2011 Holiday Travel Gift Guide

by:HONGXIANG     2020-07-07
I've opened dozens of products over 2011 and these are some some of my favorite travel gadgets that make great holiday gift. Compact computer bag - Seattle-based designer and manufacturer Tom Bihn has introduced the Cadet, a laptop briefcase in order to carry your laptop or iPad, several files or magazines, power supplies, pens, notebooks, any other small accessories. The Cadet, earned in America, additionally be a checkpoint friendly laptop bag. It possesses a slide-out protective laptop sleeve as well as an ultrasuede-lined phone pocket, designed specifically match iPhones. ($170) Portable scanner - Capacity my favorite tech products is the Fujitsu ScanSnap, a portable scanner functions with any computer. Amazing for fighting for scanning receipts, sketches and documents, turning each into a PDF that can be emailed or put away. ($199) The bomber jacket electronics case developed to for carrying travel essentials in your briefcase, but also makes a strong man's bag that anyone to carry your phone, medicine, business cards and ideas. It's full of pockets and is then made from an ultrasoft pebbled grain mocha colored leather. $59 from Levenger. LifeProof case - Would like a super this year's most popular iPhone cases in the LifeProof iPhone case that protects the iPhone from 7-foot drops and immersion in a lot as 3 feet of the stream. What's so special about is actually usually that it's no bigger than an ordinary iPhone case and everything functions as normal. Now there's won't need to purchase to be concerned with spilling coffee on or letting your kids or grandkids use your phone. ($80) The company has also developed a line of accessories for mounting the on a bike, motorcycle or belt. Canon PowerShot S95 - The Canon S95 is one of the actual breed of pocket-sized cameras that take pictures are generally superior to normalcy compacts. It has an oversized sensor, a 4 to zoom lens with full autofocus. I took it on a journey to Europe this summer and used it more frequently than my DSLR but happened to be images which have been nearly just like. It's being replaced in a month or two by the S100 ($429), with a few improvements together with a longer zoom range. But that means the S95 can be obtained now for $289, which makes it an incredible deal. Jawbone's Jambox wireless speaker provides incredible sound from a small brick-sized box that's great for almost any hotel room or health care practice. It connects with a music player or smartphone by Bluetooth and doubles as a speakerphone. Two drivers or a small dome speaker produces a wide audio spectrum. It could maybe be updated with apps, software and new uses. Plays for about 8 hours using an internal rechargeable battery. ($199) P5 stereo headphones - Bowers & Wilkins, an english audio company, has created headphones which might be beautifully designed and provide excellent sound. Made of steel, aluminum and leather, with no visible plastic, it folds into a thin, padded fabric case less than an inch thick, this great for travel. When they're sound-isolating headphones, they don't have any electronic noise cancellation same as the Bose Quiet Comfort series. But they sound better and reduce outside noise somewhat by sealing on your own ears ($300). On the additional hand, if you're looking for noise reduction earphones, can not beat the Bose Quiet Comfort 15 at exactly price. While it is get stares from the restaurant's sommelier, the Vinturi Travel is often a portable version of their wine aerator that anyone to aerate your wine, one glass through a time. Weighing just 4 ounces, it appears in a suit and costs $40. The Cambridge Explorer duffel bag made in England can be a huge carry-on bag quit blogging . . hold your clothes and the best anything if you don't. It's made of smooth, full-grain tobacco leather and opens wide for packing. 23'W x 12'D x 13'H for $599.
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