Audio And Web Conferencing Etiquette And Best Practices

by:HONGXIANG     2020-07-04
As business's travel budgets continue to shrink with the current economic tough economic times, a growing number of companies come to search out that audio conferencing and web conferencing are a value efficient method of communicating and collaborating with those that are unable to meet in-person. Recent studies have revealed that over the next decade, conferencing services could are more than 10% of external travel, and an extraordinary 70% of internal adventure. According to Bernstein Research, this could can lead to a collective 21% reduction of corporate travel. When used effectively, conferencing services are a valuable tool that allows users to interact with all participants, permitting stronger involvement and communication. With becoming said said, however, virtual conferences also pose a few unique challenges. For instance, with a large number of participants it can be challenging determining who is speaking, let alone managing the meeting. Moreover, the growing number of devices and also the combination of video and audio can render conference communication inconsistent across attendees. Thankfully, advancements in modern conferencing technologies help to combat many of these issues, such as PGi's iMeet solution, which provides each participant with an individual cube that, when somebody talks, glows green. Research has shown that 55% of communication is expressed via nonverbal clues, while 38% comes throughout the tone of our voice and only 7% from words. So if you are relying on an audio-only conference, the collaboration and interpersonal dynamics that would likely be find in an in-person meeting are likely alone. What's more is that creating a team structure and building trust is much more found in a challenge when participants cannot see each other, properly lack of nonverbal clues leaves much room for misinterpretation. To help eliminate these potential problems, we've compiled a best practices for an future audio and web conferences: Prior to your conference During your conference video Image Source: Ambro /
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