Common Wealth Games 2010

by:HONGXIANG     2020-09-21
CWG i.e. 'Common wealth games' is not a brand-new or an extraordinary key phrase. Almost the entire urban population is well aware of the upcoming common wealth games. The celebration is being hosted by India and that too in our National Capital w.e.f 5th oct. to 15th October 2010. Preparations have been started because of a pretty long time. 1 of us is expecting for this moment now. Although, all the games and sports have their roots in the villages, therefore to presume that the villagers & rural folk do not take interest in the modern day games is a wild thought. In fact our rural folk take deep interest in the games originating from the village. And when referring to speaking about the Olympics and the common wealth games, different degree of enthusiasm is generated one of several masses of the nation hosting the event. The entire official machinery is working round the time in full swing to make sure smooth and uninterrupted exercises. The ultra modern facilities are increasingly being provided at all the venues / stadium while games shall place. The security system is also being upgraded and latest security gadgets like cc TVs and security alarms and other related equipments are being strategically installed in all of the stadiums and the connecting roads so as to ward off any odds of sabotage during the online flash games. The CWG is doesn't just a game show, but reflects the competitiveness and fighting spirits of the participants and also the culture and social behavior of the participants furthermore the culture and social behavior of the participating nations. There are numerous kinds of events which are held in rotation of 2-4 years. Different nations vie for a starting point hold the games along with the venue is decided early on to enable the hosting nation to make necessary preparations. It is a question of pride for a nation to host typical mistakes Wealth Game. And Delhi being the national capital can boast of its elaborate Infrastructure in the style of different stadiums several games viz National stadium India gate, Jawaharlal Nehru stadium (Near CGO), Shivaji Stadium C.p. , Chattrasal Stadium, (Model town), Indira Gandhi Indoor near You.T.O, Tal katora Stadium (Mother Teresa Crescent). Above all at khel gaon a separate venue has been especially earmarked for comfortable stay of participants representing different nations. Continents, guest houses and Hotels are getting ready and enhancing their capability accommodate as may guests so as to generate revenue and earn the foreign exchange. The CWG is an event which is likely to uplift the economy. The hospitality sector i.e. Airlines, Hotels, Banks and games authorities are liable to earn a lot in the shape of revenue and foreign exchange which may work like a boost to our economy
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