customs link in smugglers\' $17m p plot

by:HONGXIANG     2019-10-28
A customs broker has been accused of smuggling drugs worth up to $17 million on machine parts arriving at Auckland International Airport.
Bo \"Kevin\" Niu appeared in the Oakland district court this week and was accused of owning and supplying class C drugs, the main ingredient of meth. The 27-year-
Old is committed to trial with co-
Accused student Lei \"Aaron\" Chen, Yi Xiang \"Ethan\" Zhang, Tong \"Ivan\" Liu, will appear again next month.
Niu, who works at a customs brokerage company near the airport, is said to be the only staff member working with EJ Trading Co. , Ltd. , which imported 145 kg of its mechanical parts from Hong Kong on the 3 Th.
The cattle took them before customs officials checked the machine parts and removed about 10 kg of the contact, police said.
Chinese cold medicine containing pseudo-hemp.
He then allegedly returned the empty part, the stainless steel axle, to be inspected by the border control agency.
But the next day, customs staff allegedly found 50 grams of loose ContacNT particles in the package.
Nothing was mentioned to Niu, and customs also placed the name of EJ Trading Co. , Ltd. in an alert system in order to track imports.
Ten days later, the so-called drug cartels shipped 135 kg of the machine parts.
10 kg less than previous imports
I was searched by customs.
Nothing was found, and investigators at Warbird\'s operation thought it was a bait, so police followed him when Ray picked up the parcel.
He was tracked back to his Mt Roskill home, where
The defendant Zhan Yixiang and ton Liu are still alive.
A week later, the third shipment, weighing 145 kg, arrived in EJ from Hong Kong, two weeks later on April 15, and a week later.
Flights around the world were interrupted due to the eruption of the Icelandic volcano, and the last shipment was delayed for one day --
It is alleged that a staff member from EJ Trading did not believe this when calling the broker.
Customs officers found 10 kg of the contact in metal cylinders and decided to carry out controlled deliveries to so-called drug cartels.
Police allegedly found drugs in Chen\'s car.
Customs records show about 28 similar imported products out of about 145 kg of machine parts
It is said that 10 kg of the drugs are hidden inside.
Between April 2009 and 2010.
Police say that 320 kg of the counterfeit drugs were smuggled within 12 months, with an estimated street value of between $11 and $17 million.
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