Does HONGXIANG enjoy high popularity?
HONGXIANG MACHINERY is a very mature and competitive brand. Its popularity is mainly due to its unique features. First, the customer is fond of its economy when compared to the other similar hitachi products. Second, its performance is extremely attractive to customers for its simply operation and multifunction. Third, the product has been appealing lots of customers by its human-oriented design, which helps it gain a good reputation in industry business. Thus, it holds a huge share in the market and plays an important role.

While expanding the scale of swing gearbox, HONGXIANG actively expands the varieties of swing reduction gear production. As one of HONGXIANG 's multiple product series, travel device excavator series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. Different machining approaches are used in processing mechanical parts of HONGXIANG construction equipment parts. These mechanical parts, including engine, motor, and hydraulic components, will go through thermal treatment, honing machining, or wire cutting based on their actual usages and structures. It is notable for its high dynamic and static load ratings. our companyhas been committed to the exploration and development of Hyundai excavator parts. This product can last for a long time due to its excellent fatigue resistance.

Respect for people is one of the values of our company. And we do thrive on teamwork, collaboration, and diversity with customers.
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