Elevate your Swing Speed With The Mike Austin Swing

by:HONGXIANG     2020-10-08
If you would prefer to produce longer drives, which include the 300+ yard bombs you observe the pros hit in the news so effortlessly, the significant thing you need you can do is produce faster swing speed. The best model to learn from is Mike Austin, who was equipped to prodigious clubhead speeds and unbelievably long drives well into his 70's. Mike's trademark was his incredibly even rhythm and smooth effortless motion. His overwhelming swing speed was subtle that you could watch him instead of know whether he was cruising or going for an excessive hit. Mike eventually held five degrees in science, and the pioneer of Kinesiology. He used this knowledge to recognize the efficient motions from the pros of his era, and to throw out the movements that were unnecessary. The result was a swing so perfect, which he was able to often hit every fairway and green during a tournament round of golf club. Mike was timed at over 150 miles per hour of swing speed in 1939 in the University of Illinois by the first stroboscopic photography having a high shutter full speed. Although this is quite hard to believe, the golf lab Focaltron calculated Mike's swing speed with regard to at least this fast when he hit his Guinness Record 515 yard drive in the 1974 season. Mike's technique differs greatly from today's modern swing used by many of the young stars on the PGA Tour. It features a lower body motion that swings the spine to take care of your torso on plane with the ball while the head stays centered. Along with a full and free release of the hands, the result can be a more precise and much much better motion. Once you learn the technique, you just can't believe how easy it is to reach long drives with little effort. When you weight loss combine these two ideas, you will see your clubhead speed increase significantly. The idea is an upper cut motion by using a whirling or whipping action of the wrists. 'If Mike was actually even a decent putter, he should have never lost a tournament,' remarked one pro who was very close to Mike. Despite this handicap, Mike Austin's amazing swing technique to become scientifically superior holiday to a method, and this particular being proved with technology like Trackman.
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