Ensquared Challenges AT&T on Revised iPhone Insurance

by:HONGXIANG     2020-09-13
(1888PressRelease) AT&T has announced a radical price elimination of iPhone insurance after time spent taking it's customers on the cleaners with exorbitant insurance prices. Ensquared finds the progress in AT&T iPhone Insurance pricing unreasonable on many levels. Ensquared.com the #1 Authority in Phone Insurance finds itself almost speechless on top of the latest announcement by AT&T backed by Asurion. Ever since the introduction of the iPhone, AT&T have been offering iPhone insurance for $11.99 per month with a $199 deductible for the top of the range iPhone; same for every other iPhone model along with lesser deductibles right down to around $150. Through the years AT&T has recruited thousands of subscribers to their an insurance plan in good faith. 'Ensquared together with Underwriters Fortegra have cut everything down to your bone to compete and beat AT&T over the last 2 years quite successfully. Consumers getting iPhone Insurance can click on our review section at http://www.ensquared.com/iPhone_Insurance_Reviews to find a clear market outlook' said Ensquared CEO, Gordon Polovin. AT&T has recently announced they will drop their monthly premium to $4.99 - an effective 59% cut onto their previous price. Deductibles will be $125 no matter which model, which can be a 37% cut for iPhone 4 32 G. All active policies do not qualify, which means if you previously bought the $11.99 in early June or earlier, are usually excluded from purchasing this new plan. The number in this category is in the thousands, maybe thousands and thousands over the last two years. Customers may have to terminate their existing policy and re-enter at the $4.99, however an iPhone cannot be compared to 30 days after AT&T activation to qualify for insurance. This means that the the customer will be uncovered if they cancel their existing policy or has to wait until they upgrade. The most serious issue is how AT&T will confirm to its huge associated with iPhone customers how the last two years have been a complete phone insurance scam? How was it able to make such a drastic slash on pricing? 'We understand which 10% or also a 15% cut is affordable. More than 50% means that paid traffic . two years has become a sham - loaded in a huge way with extra profit for AT&T. AT&T is a National Carrier is in bad shape. How do they explain such an anomaly to their subscribers who fell for this? Really not a few but teams of them' commented Polovin. 'The tragedy of the whole lot is that in few months time, it might probably thought about forgotten event and AT&T will have gotten away with a two-year iPhone insurance bonanza at the consumers' cost. We hope the facts arouse crucial ire of AT&T subscribers and creates enough reason to churn to Verizon' said Polovin. Ensquared have faith that all AT&T replacements on this particular new program will be refurbished devices from customer returns and repairs. Ever since replacement price iPhone 4 32 GB is north of $700 -$4.99 cannot in any way encompass an iphone 4g replacement. We don't believe that Ensquared current $8 per month with $150 deductible - right now (until AT&T make it official) still the cheapest available - can interact with such an amount drop. 'That's because we are consistent and respect the intelligence of your customers. At Ensquared we replace with new (not refurbished) we all also insure iPhones a good deal 90 days after activation, versus AT&T's 30-day limit. We believe there will always be buyers for virtually any square Ensquared iPhone insurance deal which has significant differences that the consumer values.' remarked Polovin. Ensquared recently published sales data highlighting the assurgency of Android as a head unit. AT&T are possibly looking to your the cut-premium iPhone Insurance as an easy method for customers to swing away from interest inside of the galloping Android system additionally, you will keep momentum going on the product they invested millions in; or this can be a weapon made to hit at Verizon iPhone strategy. Ensquared believes that the drastic change smacks of desperation to bear in mind people buying AT&T iphones. About Ensquared: Ensquared is really a leader in Smartphone & iPhone Insurance in the country and Canada covering Lost, Stolen & Accidental Property damage. Ensquared insures all phones up to 90 days old. http://www.ensquared.com Source: http://www.1888pressrelease.com/ensquared-challenges-at-t-on-revised-iphone-insurance-prices-pr-317524.html
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