How about the quality management implemented in HONGXIANG ?
HONGXIANG MACHINERY has always conducted strict quality management. The quality management includes four main components: quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement, through which the quality assurance can make travel reduction gear of consistent quality. Our quality management is not only aimed at ensuring the high quality of products but also improving service quality to attract attention of more customers.
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HONGXIANG has a wealth of travel device excavator experience and is committed to providing the highest quality products. HONGXIANG focuses on providing a variety of JCB Excavator Reducer Parts for customers. The product is characterized by excellent resilience. It has the ability to return to its original size and shape following a temporary deformation, such as contact with a metal surface. This product is free of sharp edges, which makes it safe enough to installed and disassembled. The feedback from customers is greatly valued by HONGXIANG MACHINERY. Its surface is sleek and burr-free, which makes it show a clean appearance.

We strive for sustainable development. We are encouraging each and every employee to change their ways of thinking by organizing social challenge workshops to brainstorm the creation of new businesses and new products that are driven by the need to solve social issues.

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