How many people in HONGXIANG export department?
With the expansion of export business, HONGXIANG MACHINERY employs more and more elites working in its export sector. The staff of our export department are very skilled in the import and export business. With years of experience, we have successfully built a complete sales network, that is aimed to save you a lot of time and effort.Our export staffs are with professional excavator knowledge to help their customer most of the excavator final drive problem.

With years of accumulation, HONGXIANG now is know by one and all. As one of HONGXIANG 's multiple product series, komatsu excavator parts series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. HONGXIANG travel reducer has to go through the necessary tests. It has been tested in terms of strength, ductility impact resistance, hardness, and fracture toughness. With its strong driving force, this product allows excavators to move faster. our companyalways wholeheartedly serves its customers. This product showcases tight dimensional tolerances and stability.

We are actively engaged in sustainability activities. We take pride in being developing into a company that is focused on the triple-bottom-line of profit, society, and environment.
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