How many years of experience does HONGXIANG have in producing " swing gearbox ?
HONGXIANG MACHINERY has been focused on excavator spare parts for many years. The employees are all well experienced and skillful. They are always ready to offer support. Thanks to the reliable partners and the loyal employees, we have developed a business marketable in the world.

Specialized in caterpillar parts, HONGXIANG has accumulated rich experience. As one of HONGXIANG 's multiple product series, Hyundai excavator parts series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. HONGXIANG travel reduction gear goes through a complete design process. Its design process includes mechanical design, structural design, electrical control design, instrument panel design, etc. This product enables excavator drivers to have better driving control. Fast delivery methods enable weto gain a reputation in the domestic and international markets. Its surface is sleek and burr-free, which makes it show a clean appearance.

We are actively engaged in sustainability activities. We take pride in being developing into a company that is focused on the triple-bottom-line of profit, society, and environment.
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