How Ping4 Can Improve McDonalds Same Store Sales

by:HONGXIANG     2020-07-25
Ping4 was developed allow giant retail chains since McDonalds, to improve same store sales and operating margins, and to lessen on waste inventory. Really seriously . the 'Holy Grail' of e-commerce marketing for offline retailers combining location, deals, and mobile apps, in three part harmony. Ping4s allows any retail chain with public Wi-Fi LAN hotspots, such as McDonalds, to create and modify real time product specials, directed to specific and nearby customers, and thereby to influence onsite consumer behavior and create real-time demand. Whereas Groupon or LivingSocial offer a 'deal of the day' hoping to land 1,000 new customers for a select retail client. Ping4s focuses on reaching the thousands of prospects who travel each day near your stores, and within the radius of your store's Wi-Fi LAN hotspot. Ping4s was produced for giant retail chains which are too big for Groupon, and who don't to be able to outsource marketing, or sacrifice profit border. We offer enormous advantages over Groupon or LivingSocial, including greater control, flexibility and cheaper cost. As a simple example, our local McDonalds realize which have made quite a few blueberry muffins in these modern times. The store manager can 'Ping' an instant promotion to nearby smart phones, iPads and laptops, 'Half priced muffin with buying of coffee!' If that doesn't clear increase the excess inventory, whole offer a better promotion, 'Buy coffee, get a free muffin!' or, 'Special promotion! Buy one half a dozen McDonalds muffins for $1.50, only while supply lasts!' The moment that the muffin inventory is gone, the promotion can be halted. Every smart device with Ping4 software installed will 'wake up' as it approaches the radius of the McDonalds public Wi-Fi hotspot, and they tend to be see these McDonalds promotions. Either McDonald's corporate marketing, pesticides store manager can control when as well as just often promotions are located. Specials may also be directed from corporate to the thousands of prospects who travel within 500 feet or possibly even longer of everyone of your stores. Your corporate marketing group in Seattle can reach potential customers near every of your 16,635 stores worldwide, non-stop long, all night long, every minute of each day. Wonderful the issues that you sell besides coffee and food, individuals an unique and low cost way, to leverage your advertising and marketing low cost. For example, buy four bags of McDonalds coffee, and acquire a free McDonalds travel coffee mug. This creates great value to ones franchises globally because it improves same store sales, it's easy that you to implement and manage on a worldwide basis. Ping4 is often a phenomenal technology for attracting the most dear possible prospect, the nearby impulse buyer who wasn't planning to stop at Mcdonalds. It is also the best way to influence additional discretionary purchases coming from the customer who came right into buy coffee, and then decide shop for a muffin, a breakfast sandwich, special deal of now. Ping4 has extremely high reliability, because Wi-Fi is more effective than GPS inside of buildings. Ping4 is 'idiot simple' for both the retailer and the customer. The customer can download our software, and available free at iTunes right presently. But it's even simpler that, the customer doesn't even need get software. Any smart device with a browser can bookmark Ping4s, and get specials wherever they are hands down. The way the Ping4s bookmark works is that all Wi-Fi Hotspot has specific unique external IP address which precisely identifies less difficult physical place to the internet and for local get access to. We automatically register the external Ip address for each one of your 16,635 stores worldwide with When the consumer hits the '' bookmark, anywhere a world, Ping4s automatically redirects the request to the online page associated with that strategic location. We envision customers sharing these immediate McDonalds offers out through their social networks, through their mobile devices, leaving us with individuals actually meeting in person to essentially the most of these Ping4s offers. This will move the social experience off online and in order to an individual experience. Some deliver genuine 1:1 marketing experience, originally promised in Web involving.0, but until now, not truly brought to you. Ping4s is ideally appropriate for giant retail chains because it scales globally quickly almost instantly, and allows global retailers to instantly influence onsite consumer behavior, create realtime demand, and improve same store sales and profits. With a small investment of about 0.01% of sales revenue, these businesses can create significant top line growth. To emphasize a point, Groupon gives a 'deal of the day' if you are to be able to wait two months, Ping4s can manage a 'deal a minute' and you can create these specials instantaneously and throughout the day. Ping4s also contains the advantage of zero incremental cost, concerning are no middlemen, the retailer has complete control of all promotions. Ping4 is Groupon for businesses usually are too big for Groupon, who require more control within the marketing specials, and that do not want to provide up gross margin entice new folks. This innovative convergence of location based marketing, mobile technology, and social media, is a superb way for giant retail chains to enhance same store sales. All you need is a Wi-Fi LAN, and since McDonalds has now made this investment, it costs miniscule.
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