How you can Drive in Fog

by:HONGXIANG     2020-10-11
As spring is fast approaching the swing in temperatures makes the risk of fog on the roads more prevalent. Below a couple of tips on how to drive a car safely in fog and other reduced visibility conditions. The Highway Code stipulates you have to use headlights when visibility is less than 100 meters. There's no obligation to use fog lights but they should be switched off when visibility improves. The main advice is to use common sense when deciding to switch on your fog lights but in general it's better to be secure than sorry. If the cloths line you're on has street lights you probably will never have to have your fog lights on as they provide enough visibility. The advice AA gives for driving in foggy conditions is to use dipped headlights at all times. Use the front and rear fog lights when appropriate. Only drive as quickly as the conditions allow and keep a greater distance to the car in front. If you are about to slow down check the mirrors and make sure you're able to stop within the distance you are able to see clearly. If you approach a junction with poor visibility, roll down the window and listen for traffic and only emerge when you know it's safe to do incredibly. Fog can happen to anyone whether you drive an old Ford Fiesta or a new Mercedes-Benz. Brighton and other coastal towns are areas where people should be significantly vigilant as areas near water are more visiting fog over.
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