HP 4gb Mini Pen Drive Good Transferable And Storage Data

by:HONGXIANG     2020-08-27
The HP 4GB mini pen drive is a good storage device that can transfer as well as store data in an quick and easy way. This is really a storage device useful for mobile hard drive as well as an integral part with the camera. The device can definitely augment the performance for this gadget. The price of the HP 4 GB Mini Pen drive is affordable and does not make a hole in your money. The HP 4GB Mini pen drive price Rs. 350 approximately and is a minute and compact portable around in your bank account or wallet. The pen drive is a 1 inch device and comes with a mini mobile production. This HP pen drive comes along with an USB interface and is ideal for those that travel frequently and have absolute to carry large documents and files with them. This device is the excellent for mobile users includes a life of ten years. You could also store your favorite music along with photographs of your friends and relations and share also. The HP pen drive allows plug and play can also be light weight. It really is given a transparent blue color appear to be attractive and additionally shiny and sleek look. The cap can protect the main harbour from outside dust and dirt. The device is capable to supply high performance and store all your significant files with ease. This neat uncomplicated to use device itself can be stored anywhere or you can just hang it around your back. Apart from its attractive looks and convenient storage capacity, the pen drive can support Vista and Mac 10.3 and Windows xp 2000. It requires v165 W power and the temperature at which works is -20 degree C to 85 degree C. The speed of the pen drive from HP is 20 Mb/s approximately and includes a storage capacity of 4 GB. The size of the HP mini pen drive are 30.5 x 16 x 9.4 mm and weigh around 4.8 grams. The organization gives a warranty of around twelve months. The Flash drive or pen drive is compatible with 2.0 and is water resistant. Users can now travel anywhere with this Mini pen drive along with many data to their office or work shop. This affordable device is just the tools for home too. Might possibly store your kid's projects, picnic photographs and events in this compact device safely for many years. We can also get information about Kingston 16GB pen drive price through hosted.
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