Is there any third party doing "construction equipment parts quality test?
Hyundai transmission has been granted with a number of qualifications and internationally authoritative certifications. As the certifications being required vary by the country of origin and the intended sales markets, please consult our Customer Service for the specific certifications. Product testing and certification do not in themselves produce high-quality products, but they ensure a quality assurance process for the design and manufacture of the product. And these products have been tested typically have testing marks. In HONGXIANG MACHINERY , quality standards go beyond testing procedures and look at the quality of product design and manufacturing practices.

Fully complementing the development policy and adjusting the shift changes make HONGXIANG grow rapidly. As one of HONGXIANG 's multiple product series, Hitachi parts series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. The manufacturing of HONGXIANG transmissions parts covers a few aspects. They include metal cutting, forming, structure shaping, surface polishing, mechanical components' fabricating, an so on. It is notable for its high dynamic and static load ratings. our companyMACHINERY's final drive parts production capacity can be effectively scheduled according to the needs of customers. This product is 100% compatible with transmissions.

We will focus on sustainability during manufacturing activities. This theme helps us to ensure that our commitment to good corporate citizenship is “brought to life” through a broad broad range of complementary and relevant initiatives.
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