Oxygen Concentrators

by:HONGXIANG     2020-07-15
Oxygen concentrators are economical source of oxygen devices that offer from minimal to enhance concentration of oxygen therapy to patients. These devices are safer, affordable, convenient and a better alternative to compressed oxygen tanks. An Oxygen concentrator discharges flows of processed ambient air in the continuous or pulsed style. The air flow rate is measured in varied Liters Per Minute or LPM with an affiliated measured oxygen percentage. The device features two oxygen cylinders wherein one is filled with zeolite which precisely captures the nitrogen rising while the other unleashes the ambient atmospheric pressure that enables the captured nitrogen to disperse. Earlier, pulse flow concentrators were not used during sleep it was difficult for the device to give the pulse or detect whether the patient is inhaling in case the nasal cannula shifts its position. Since 2000, Portable oxygen concentrators have created their way into the market allowing for convenient use home. While a few portable concentrators produce less than a single LPM of certain versions of pulsed oxygen flow and discharge the oxygen only when inhaled by the patient, several others produce about 3 LPM of continuous oxygen flow. Portable oxygen concentrators can be plugged into a wall outlet at home and vehicle DC adapters too. They can run on battery in an ambulance during emergencies as well as during air and land travel. They are FAA approved to use in commercial airlines, though a few models may still require an advance check before nevertheless permitted in certain airlines. There are various Oxygen concentrators that range from large ones that are used in Hospitals, portable ones that tend to be at home and the Molecular Sieve Oxygen concentrators or MSOC that are made use of in combat aircrafts offer oxygen to the pilot at high altitudes. Common models as an example the Nidek Nuvo Oxygen Concentrators are convenient and easy to use, transport and look after. The Nuvo Lite version weighs only 13 kgs making it one of the several lightest portable oxygen concentrators available shopping around. It features easy-to-change filters and a locking dial-style flow-control valve that are precise and user-friendly when compared to other standard flow meters. These concentrators deliver excellence and standards of quality and can be applied out home or clinics especially during emergency on-site situation when medical resources are not available. The higher priced AirSep Portable Oxygen Concentrators are one of the most light-weight [2.3 kgs], smallest and most silent concentrators in the world that are specifically tailored for patients who frequently travel thus offering supreme comfort. They include a built-in battery that operates the longest duration between recharges hence users can conveniently travel between power sources and require not worry about running out of oxygen. Oxygen concentrators are prescribed by Doctors for home use for patients that suffer from breathing difficulty while sleeping sometimes called severe sleep apnea including COPD, Emphysema and other respiratory disorders. They can be leased from various medical-supply companies or renowned pharmacies, however today; these concentrators are affordable and globally available online for purchase with ease.
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