robot kills factory worker after picking him up and crushing him against a metal plate at volkswagen plant in germany

by:HONGXIANG     2019-10-27
A rogue robot killed a technician at a car factory in a car accident with a chilling color of sci-fi movies. The 22-year-
The old man was picked up and crushed by an automatic arm while working on the production line.
The incident occurred at a factory in Volkswagen, Germany, and is believed to be the first death in Europe caused by industrial robots.
But experts quickly dismissed the idea that the tragedy could be seen as the dark side of science fiction.
They insist that death is the result of human error, not any malfunction of the robot.
The deceased was a contract worker at the Baunatal motor plant near Cassell, central Germany, where 15,000 people were employed to assemble gear boxes and other vehicle parts.
He is installing a computer.
Operating electronic motor production line.
The robot arm intending to lift up the parts of the machine seems to have caught him and pressed him on a large metal plate.
The man, from a company in Meissen, eastern Germany, suffered serious chest injuries during Monday\'s incident.
He was not rescued at the scene, but died of injury in the hospital.
The second contractor present during the incident was not injured.
Public spokesman hillko Hillwig said the initial conclusions indicate that human error should be blamed, not the fault of the robot, which can be programmed to perform various tasks during assembly.
He said: \"It usually runs in a closed area of the factory, grabbing car parts and manipulating them.
Volkswagen, one of the world\'s most automated automakers, said the robots involved were owned by contractors.
The prosecutor is considering whether or not to file an allegation against whom, if so.
The death caused by robots is very unusual.
The first was believed to have occurred in 1979, when a worker died after being hit by a worker\'s arm in the head. ton production-
A queuing robot at the Ford plant in pyeongshi, Michigan.
Two years later, a man was killed while trying to repair a robot at a factory in Japan\'s Kawasaki Heavy Industry.
He didn\'t turn it off properly-its hydraulic arm pushed him into the grinder.
The prospect of robots turning to human masters has long been portrayed in science fiction, such as in 2004 movies, robots.
But experts say robots involved in Monday\'s tragedy cannot be held responsible.
Dr Blay Whitby, lecturer in artificial intelligence at the University of Sussex, said: \"It is important to understand that with the current technology, we can\'t\" lie \"to robots \".
\"They haven\'t reached their decision yet --
Production allows us to treat them as commendable.
This unfortunate accident is technically and morally comparable to the machine operator who was crushed by the use of safety guards.
Noel Sharkey, honorary professor of artificial intelligence and robotics at the University of Sheffield, said: \"Robots will not act voluntarily and will not attack humans unless programmed.
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