Roles of age, length of service and job in work-related injury: a prospective study of 446 120 person-years in railway workers

by:HONGXIANG     2019-11-03
Because of work-
Related injuries are common, but the mechanisms associated with age, length of service, and work of various types of injuries are still unknown, and this study evaluates the role of age, length of service, and length of service-related injury.
Methods during the period from 1998 to 2000, a prospective study was conducted on all male workers permanently employed by the French national railway company 164 ÷ 814, according to the company\'s Injury Database: 446120 120-
195 injured, loss of working days, using the company\'s injury classification code, which comes from the French health insurance program.
We investigated the incidence of 10 injuries: falling to the same level, falling to a lower level, moving material/machine parts during assembly, handling of objects, lifting/handling equipment, moving object collisions, vehicle collisions, operating machines/devices, using manual tools and other injuries.
Data is analyzed using negative binomial regression.
As a result, workers aged
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