Swing Better With Ping G15 Driver

by:HONGXIANG     2020-10-01
The Ping G15 driver is high-tech. It's helpful for your first hiting! The driver may be the important club ultimately golf. It's even the first step in the golf. As the old saying: a good beginning is half done. Ping G15 Driver hit me last Sunday as a gift from my son, and he said to me that this item is very very good. After I experienced it, I learned this can help me deliver distance and accuracy while playing golf. Its 460cc titanium head is longer n comparison to the back, and with Ping's patented ultra thin crown technology. Factors such as moment of inertia (MOI), center of gravity (CG) location, crown structure and face thickness are carefully studied with to ensure designing longer, straighter and more consistent metal woods. A larger face increases ball speed and provides consistency across the entire hitting surface. Longer head profile from front to back increase MOI by 15%. With Ping G15 Driver should drive the ball exceptionally straight. The Graphite shaft can promise your ball's speed and make you satisfied with your result. With its external sole weight and pad position CG, you can produce a right launch angle and a low spin rate. New TFC 149D high balance point shaft allows for a 5 gram rise in head mass without increasing swingweight or overall weight, which results in higher ball speeds and increased MOI. When you play golf, if you will get a good beginning, which means you are stored on the associated with success. When know, a golfer's dream is an opening in particular. With Ping G15 driver, maybe can not make it, however, you can swing better with Ping G15 Driver.
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