TaylorMade R9 460 Driver Reviews

by:HONGXIANG     2020-09-30
Like consumers are R9, the new TaylorMade R9 460 Driver (http://www.discountpricegolf.com/Discount-TaylorMade-R9-460-Driver-99.html) features Flight Control Technology, a pc that allows golfers to alter the face angle and lie angle of a bit of by unscrewing the head from the shaft and re-attaching it in one of eight different positions. I love the fact that you can adjust the face, which provided me more confidence to 'swing away' without fear of slicing it into the woods. It has added about 40 yards to my drive - I helpful to average about 200 with my Yonex Nanospeed and King Cobra drivers, together with the R9 460, I've even hit one drive 256 on flat terrain without unwanted gas. Deadly accurate, very forgiving, and ideal feel. I did before lose much less a few balls to slices, however anymore the following club. While the all-titanium head of latest R9 can be a full 460cc, it does not have a movable weight system like its smaller brother. But the R9 460 is equipped with a deeper face and lower center of gravity opposed to original R9, which should help it resist twisting on off-center hits and promote a superior ball price. It should also create more spin as compared to original R9, which should help slower-swinging players add distance. Each R9 driver features an Aldila REAX 60 gram tip-soft shaft and measures 50.75 inches. This allows the R9 460 present much greater clubhead speed which, in turn, promotes distance from the tee. Flight Control Technology ensures that players while using TaylorMade R9 460 can shape the shots would like but the club also delivers the space that modern day player tickets. For lots of golfers the discount sets (http://www.discountpricegolf.com/) is actually just what they've got been looking for. Unless you are an affordable handicap golfer you probably found their heads of doesn't come with R9 driver a little on the little side at 420cc. This is because that could be the maximum height and width of head for moveable weight drivers. The club is more time front to back than the R9 it's verging on being triangular shape but stop just short and still looks very good. As the weight is further back the flight is a little higher on average than the R9 but still penetrating. With regards to head is greater the sound is just a little louder n comparison to the R9 brand new wii console mistake this for less feel once we think the TaylorMade R9 460 driver feels every bit as good and despite being kind of pricey is one of the bess adjustable drivers in the market today. I think, the extra length and 40 gram shaft combo was to light and flexi and disrupted my tempo. Overall I love the R9 460 it is very forgiving and allows me to adjust the loft and lie angles whenever I get caught in a swing funk. For much more information visit http://www.discountpricegolf.com/
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