The Reform of The Jaw Crusher

by:HONGXIANG     2020-09-16
With the introduction of mining industry, mining machinery equipment is upgrading step by step. Jaw crusher is a common crushing equipment for this mining machinery equipment, therefore in order not to be eliminated, jaw crusher has to improve continuously. 1) So that the material in the crushing cavity is' laminated crushing' near a certain extent through the use of ' fixed volume' type linear -- modified Gauss curve advanced crushing cavity of Professor Dai Shaosheng. What's more, the pure pressure of crushing effect is five times for this shear stress, insulating material in the crushing cavity is repeatedly laminating crushed, which leads to the obvious improving of the crushing effect of jaw crusher, also promote a high crushing efficiency and discharge average particle size up to 5-10mm. 2) Change the nip angle from zero to negative, the material doesn't jam, but form a longer' equilibrium'with the linear movable jaw plate, the effective length will be as long as 30-60mm, so that the making is parallel extrusion pressure for a moment of time, which further make the material thinner and also aggrandize the let go. When the material go into the bottom of the discharging area, the outlet of crushing cavity increases and the discharging is accelerated, fundamentally eliminate the making plug defects also as improve produce. 3) To be sure that the extrusion times of this material in crushing cavity and improve the crushing ratio, the technique properly increase the height of the crushing cavity to constitute the so-called 'advanced type'crushing cavity, and that's improve the yield, deduces new eccentric shaft speed formula, that is, the eccentric shaft speed of patent product can reach 330-350rpm, which increases range of the movable jaw to swing and strengthen the crushing function likewise improve the machine output. 4) The wearing law of the compound pendulum jaw crusher jaw plate is that end up being generally easy put on in the discharge zone of fixed jaw plate, fractional treatments make the fixed jaw plate into linear correction' -- Gauss curve'. More secure design got excellent efficiency. Practice has proved, it indeed improved the wear of the jaw crusher jaw plate. And it adopts a totally new alloy material, which improves the service life of the 2-3 times. offers.
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