Using Technology to Improve Business Productivity

by:HONGXIANG     2020-06-06
Five ways to increase business productivity. With the economy currently as it is, it's more important than ever for businesses to maximize every pound each and every minute available within. The age old saying 'time is money' by no means rung as true as it does now. With this in mind, the time is right for all businesses to investigate methods to improve productivity. The objective of this article in order to use suggest 5 ways your business could do this. VoIP Most readers of this article are probably already somewhat familiar with VoIP. For the uninitiated, VoIP is short Voice over Ip address - in Layman's terms - a technology which it is possible to use to make telephone calls over an internet connection rather than an established telephone connection. Over the last 5 or so years, VoIP may be increasingly popular - especially within small business. If your business doesn't yet make use of it though, it can be difficult to understand just why it could beneficial. VoIP has evolved beyond simple voice calls. Service providers are now equipped to host full web conferences in the click of a button. By supporting video conferences, it can eliminate the be obliged to travel, therefore eliminating the inefficiency having travelling. A study by Cisco showed that 48% of companies using this method realized travel savings of 5 days per year per employee. In identical shoes study, 68% reported improved productivity between geographically dispersed divisions. On top of this, over 70% saw savings in travel costs that is at least 10% Managed Hosting Anyone who has worked at company that manages there It hardware in-house can vouch that a fair chunk of time is spent enacting maintenance and/or rectifying any issues that will have arisen. Managed hosting is any solution to issue. Rather than buying, operating and handling the hardware, it is leased to you (usually) from a managed hosting provider. The hosting provider then manages the hardware and performs the day-to-day maintenance required to storing it running. There are many benefits to performing this. The most obvious one could be the computing benefits, having professionals manage your servers is bound to ensure minimum disruption and therefore minimum loss of companies. One point that may not be so obvious though it's time saving benefit. It frees up your in-house IT personnel, meaning that these people could spend more time doing important work and less time carrying out mundane server maintenance. Cloud Storage- Cloud storage is a networked online storage model where results are stored in a virtualized pool of storage resource - this resource is normally hosted by an authorized. The benefits of cloud storage are numerous. For one, Cloud storage allows stored documents end up being accessed anywhere, on more or less any internet-enabled mobile. This effectively means that the days in which documents are limited to a single device or one location are rather than. Again, cloud storage can be particularly useful to businesses with frequently travelling employees. For example, cloud storage may potentially increase the productivity of their travelling hours as they (could) have associated with a full connected with documents and files as they would if they were physically at hard work. Different cloud hosting platforms have different benefits. Microsoft SkyDrive for example offers full synchronization with Office 365 - Microsoft's cloud based platform for the Microsoft Office request. This could be particularly useful businesses that frequently use Microsoft products and a number people to view/edit the same file. BYOD BYOD - or Bring Your Own Device - is a pretty new phenomenon, and, as the name suggests, is the practice of bringing your own computing device efficient and connecting towards corporate network. It is sometimes referred to because the consumerisation of It. A joint survey released by Intel and Dell points too the reason for this could be that employees are in order to break out of the 9-5 routine and BYOD effectively enables work when they want, where desire. There are concerns from some corners stating that BYOD compromises the security of their corporate network and studies. Other reasons stated for implementation of BYOD are to extend the competitiveness of a company and to streamline business operations. Unified Communications Unified Communications is identified as the integration of real-time communications methods including: Instant Messaging, Telephony, Video conferencing with non-real-time methods such as SMS, e-mail and facsimile. The purpose of this is to streamline business functions. Unified communications be able to see which methods a contact can be obtained through, and actually contact them employing one single substructure. One of component positives in regards to unified communications is the reduction of wasted time and minimized time waste equals maximum efficiency and productivity. The reduction in time waste primarily comes through enterprise delay between messages. A study by Cisco has identified that companies could save up to 20 mins per day, per employee, by reaching workers to your first try, by escalating IM chats into phone calls and turning group chats into web conferences. That's to a max of 60 minutes on a daily basis per employee. These paragraphs really only scratch leading in regards towards potential productivity benefits, more research around your business too industry would need to do a more in depth review. The function of this article would have been to highlight ways how the reader could then investigate when necessary. I hope you've enjoyed reading.
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