What about the minimum order quantity of travel motor komatsu in HONGXIANG ?
HONGXIANG MACHINERY has been a professional supplier of hitachi mini excavator in China since the establishment. We are sure to provide the products at ex-works or ex-factory prices. In addition, we promise to add the value to the money you pay, based on our products that are manufactured stringently and are quality controlled strictly. Please kindly be informed that the EXW is not the final price and that it should be combined with the mode of transportation you choose for goods delivery. So, kindly consider the delivery cost and tell us what kind of transport you prefer. We will try to help reduce your costs with our reliable partners.

HONGXIANG has successfully explored a new path for its better development. As one of HONGXIANG 's multiple product series, swing drive motor series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. HONGXIANG travel reducer is manufactured with high quality. Its metal surface is sophisticatedly handled to eliminate any defections, including gas porosity, crack, and roughness. The product has enhanced protection against contamination in a corrosive environment. On account of multiple advanced technology, gear reducers now stands out in this industry. Its surface is sleek and burr-free, which makes it show a clean appearance.

Our company has a responsibility to influence positive changes in the market. We are committed to addressing the challenges of climate change in our own manufacturing operations and working with customers to improve social and environmental sustainability.
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