Wholesale Mini Projector Packs More fun In Pockets

by:HONGXIANG     2020-07-01
New Multimedia mini projectors for travel or the desktop, and for work or play. This bright output mini projector is a handy video and picture viewer for use when traveling or setting up something small in your individual office or the particular nightstand in your bedroom. This Multimedia Mini Projector also includes built-in MP4 Player for watching video, listening to music and viewing photos while you are traveling. Product Overview: This Multimedia Mini Projector is built to truly versatile virtually any busy lifestyle, meaning you can this at your desk while at work, on the train, or in bed enjoying its endless pleasures before falling asleep (kx1kw2hxY16A). When used being a projector, enjoy backlinks AV devices and displaying a big and bright screen onto any wall in your house. When used as a travel device, the native MP4 player functions and built-in extended life battery mean get ready to experience watching your favorite movies and videos while you are traveling. With playback of over 20 media formats, you can use this to carry almost any of your favorite digital media paperwork. Display: Enjoy viewing your favorite pics and vids with ease this particular Multimedia Mini Projector. Watch these for your friends on your bedroom wall or use the 2.4 inch display remote control them while you are traveling over the train. Thanks towards multiple input options a person are display a number of digital media files from the internal media player or input your favorite AV devices like an XBox, Wii, DVD Player, etc manage via the brilliant LED projection or the built-in viewscreen. Rich Feature Set: A simple menu interface, 2GB's of on-board flash memory, 5MP Digital Camera for catching casual pictures, microSD card slot for adding 8GBs of additional entertainment, and also the built-in internal li-ion battery mean this Multimedia Mini Projector has lots of possible uses wherever the. In addition, this unit even along with an AV OUT option which enables you to extend your image onto a TV screen or monitor. If you need a multi-purpose mini projector for AV and digital media, they avoid getting any compared to the DC13 Multimedia Mini Projector! This multifunction Multimedia Mini Projector with Digital Camera + MP4 Player extends the perfect work and travel companion for anyone who has limited space but really wants to enjoy their multi media entertainment within a grand climb. This cool tech gadget is brought to you by the leaders in china mini projectors, Chinavasion.
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