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We are the professional excavator parts suppliers, have the best excavator parts for sale.
China High-tech Enterprise with advanced processing equipments and production lines
R&D team ensures the product process and precision. Professional support from the experienced excavator parts specialists
Aftermarket Gear Parts for Heavy Construction Equipment with High Quality Standard
Fast Shipping Helps Minimize Your Equipment Downtime
Focus on transmission gearbox and reduction parts processing
Evaluate genuine defect, present the innovate design and compatible products
The widest excavator, excavator parts online and machinery models of applications
Easy communication via phone, web, e-mail, and even text messaging

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— We are the high end excavator parts suppliers and manufacturer, provides aftermarket excavator parts, mini excavator parts, ect. —

Wheeled Excavator Parts

High Elves

Bulldozer Spare Parts

High Elves

Swing Reducer

High Elves

lnnovative Travel Reducer

High Elves

Travel Reducer

High Elves

Travel Motor

High Elves

Crawler Excavator Parts

High Elves

Travel Reducer

High Elves

Application scenarios

By 20 years experience on designing and production for travel reducer, swing reducer, and other excavator parts, we evaluate the design defect of genuine gearbox, present the innovation idea, offer the reliable and compatible products to customers.
Wheel type Excavator
Rotary Drill Rig
Crawler Type Excavator
Crawler Crane


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Excavator Parts Suppliers

— Corporate culture —
19 years of history
HONGXIANG BN is the professional excavator parts suppliers, the leading manufacturer and supplier of components for earth-moving machines: travel reducer and swing reducer, and other excavator parts online. We are found in 2000, with 18000 m2 factory area, advanced production equipments, high-skilled R&D and marketing team, and excellent processing technology.


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We are a comprehensive enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales, and engineering implementation. At the same time, we are also one of the largest LED product application system solution service providers in China. 
At present, the company's products include: indoor display, outdoor display, indoor and outdoor LED high-definition advertising large screen, LED rental screen, tailor-made various special-shaped LED indoor and outdoor full-color display products, etc.



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We are the high end excavator parts suppliers and manufacturer, provides aftermarket excavator parts, mini excavator parts, ect.
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