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HONGXIANG BN is the leading manufacturer and supplier of components for earth-moving machines: Travel Reducer and Swing Reducer. We are found in 2000, with 18000 m2 factory area, advanced production equipments, high-skilled R&D and marketing team, and excellent processing technology.
We are focus on the development of parts for transmissions, final drives and swing assembly components (gears, shafts, carriers, hubs, gear ring, etc.) Our product selection includes over 12000 parts apply to more than 500 models of construction machinery, compatible with CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU, HITACHI, HYUNDAI, VOLVO, DOOSAN, KOBELCO, LIUGONG, JCB, CASE, JOHN DEER, XCMG brands. Through the unremitting efforts and development, "Rich Experience, Steady Quality, Reliable & Durable, Great Variety, Attentive Service" become our advantage developing in the fierce competition, so that our BN construction machinery spare parts could win the trust and support from customers. We had established the long term business relationship with customers in China for years. In recent years, we are engaged in improving the product system, opening up the foreign market, cooperate with more international customers for further development on the basis of mutual benefit.
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What is a final drive in heavy construction equipment?

On heavy construction equipment, final drives transfer power fromthe drive train to the tracks using a system of gears designed toreduce speed and increase torque.if you visualize the great power trip force takes as it goes from engineto the movement of wheels or tracks,you'll see it passes through anumber of gears and shafts on it's journey. The final drive is that lastpart in a machine's powertrain system, and subsequently, the finalcomponent for increasing torque through gear reduction or changing the direction of power flow.Final drives exist across machine types, makes, and models and.though they often share many of the same basic concepts, final drives are implemented and designed in ways that are unique to theirpurpose, their machine type, and even the machine's manu facturer.

What is the importance and purpose of a final drive?

Torque is a measure of the amount of rotational force ofan object and in large machinery it's all (or at least mostlyall) about torque. If you've ever used any kind of systemof gears -- even an old 10-speed bike -- you alreadyknow that gears can quickly convert your power intospeed or torque, and vice versa. That's because therelationship between torque and speed is inverselyproportional - one goes up and the other goes down.A final drive uses a set of planetary gears (or a bull-and-pinion gear system) to convert force into torque one lasttime and, in doing so, allows the shafts, bearings, andgears to deliver power without being under the constantstrain of a high-torque system.Because of the high torque loads they routinely handleand their close connection to tires, tracks, or sprockets.final drives have to be designed to perform under intensecircumstances and absorb feedback while they work.When you see a bulldozer clearing a small mountaindown to flat land, you can thank the final drive for it'simportant part in the process.


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