SANY’s first rigid mining truck and a range of excavators delivered to Indonesia

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Five SANY excavators, including two SY750Hs, two SY500Hs, one SY215C, and one SRT95C rigid-body mining truck, were recently delivered to customers from two large coal mines in Indonesia. SY750H was the first large excavator at 76 tonnes in this year, joining clients’ excavator fleets that consist of SY500Hs and SY215Cs. Also, the delivery of SRT95C initiated the first rigid truck heading to the coal-mining job sites in Indonesia.

SY750H, the largest-tonnage SANY excavator in Indonesia, is equipped with a 5.4 m3 bucket to achieve higher ripping in difficult ground conditions. It has an ISUZU engine that helps achieve a reduction in fuel consumption. The SY750H crawler excavators are used specifically for overburden, as well as for loading dumper trucks in the mine. They have proved their efficiency, cost-effectiveness and reliability in operation.

The rigid-body mining truck, SRT95C, has a CUMMINS QST high-power engine with electronic fuel injection control and an Allison transmission. This means enhanced acceleration performance and reduced fuel consumption and emissions. The truck's frame is made of alloy structural steel, which features resistance to low-temperature, bending, twisting and impact. In addition, McPherson front strut suspension adopted on the front axle and steering mechanism smooth the ride.

SANY's equipment has a strong presence in Indonesia, as clients across the islands have purchased a range of products, including excavators, cranes and mining trucks, since years ago. These machines have proven their outstanding off-road properties as well as a good quality in service. “With large grab capacity, high fuel efficiency and rapid working cycles, SANY excavators fully meet our requirements,” says the client from a coal mine, summing up their decision for SANY, “also, the productivity and stability in operation and good after-sales service, especially the spare-part support, make SANY rigid mining trucks impressive.”

With a focus on the Indonesian market, SANY offers a range of mining machinery and support packages that can be tailored to exact customer requirements.

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